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Sarah Ghasedi
The "Future Loves Palms" Camp at Apache Lake 2012.

Apache Lake Music Festival - Friday, October 18

Over the last few years Apache Lake Music Festival has made the just-barely-perceptible leap from curiosity to institution, and it's easy to see why; like most institutions, the core of it is a really simple idea done well: What if you could see a bunch of local bands in a novel, secularly fun setting?

In an interview with College Times Nic Dehaan of Banana Gun explains the appeal pretty well: "It's really remote, as simple as that sounds. Also it's weird because it's like you put the Rogue Bar, Sail Inn, Yucca Tap Room, etc. all in one place with beautiful scenery and all of your friends are there. The evening setting sun back-dropping the bands is pretty great as well."

Now that the weather's cooperating, it's a cheap--$40 for a weekend pass and the easy-enough drive to Apache Lake Resort--weekend getaway with a bunch of people you already know (and in some cases enjoy listening to.) The complete, very long line-up is available at the official website.

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Ridiculous that you did not include Steve Earle at SCPA tonight. 

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