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Pure Bathing Culture promo photo
Pure Bathing Culture

Pure Bathing Culture - Rhythm Room - Monday, October 14

As members of Vetiver, Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille explored the gauzy textures of Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac (occasionally recalling the hazy mysticism of the Peter Green era, too.) As Pure Bathing Culture, the duo fast-forwards the Mac clock to Tango in the Night-o'clock. No, really: "Pendulum," which opens their full-length debut Moon Tides is the best "Little Lies" update Sirius XMU-core has offered up yet. It's pure glide, with steady clap-beats clicking under Hindman's phased electric guitar and Versprille's Stevie Nicks-spins-Hounds of Love vocals.

The reference points don't detract from the swooning ambiance of the album, but rather suggest familiar joys, adding to the sense that you've heard perfect tracks like the pulsing "Dream the Dare" and 90s R&B-evoking "Scotty" before. Moon Tides plays like a late night mixtape made by a group of sexy-but-platonic friends, including producer Richard Swift (solo, The Shins, Foxygen, Lætitia Sadier), drummer Brian Wright, and bassist Zach Tillman (brother to J. Tillman, AKA Father John Misty). It's mostly a comforting listen - not unlike Beach House with a little humor - but when Hindman and Versprille strike up "Seven 2 One," there's a sense that the duo doesn't just sound like its influences; they might even share some DNA. - Jason P. Woodbury

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Ridiculous that you did not include Steve Earle at SCPA tonight. 

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