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Haim - Crescent Ballroom - Monday, October 14

For enthusiasts of cutting-edge pop culture, "The Wire" has long solely meant a beloved HBO series about cop/criminal warfare and public/personal servitude in Baltimore. After Haim's recent splash, that phrase is now also connected to the L.A. band's song of that name, and, in turn, another (at least temporarily) well-regarded cultural commodity. Formed in 2006, the four-piece, comprising sisters Danielle, Este and Alana Haim alongside drummer Dash Hutton, specialize in air-conditioner-cool blasts of throwback pop rock. Guitars on "The Wire," in particular, juke and dazzle with the simple charm of a sparkler on Independence Day--right as its smooth-talking lyrics squash a dilapidating relationship. All these moves are made in the footsteps of Fleetwood Mac, Cheap Trick and Michael Jackson.

Making their full-length debut with September's Days Are Gone, Haim have been relishing heaps of public goodwill thanks to receiving choice supporting roles for tours by Florence + the Machine, Phoenix, Rihanna and Vampire Weekend; endorsements from Katy Perry, Jay Z's Roc Nation management group and even British Prime Minister David Cameron; and endless love letters from the press. In another recent move, they upped their relevancy an extra degree by covering "Wrecking Ball" by that chick who made twerking a thing. -- Reyan Ali

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Ridiculous that you did not include Steve Earle at SCPA tonight. 

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