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It's not easy competing with the fair. For one thing, it has a built-in audience; you can go to a fair concert on a whim, having gone there first to watch a team of expert divers or pig racing or whatever it is people do here in Arizona (I'm extrapolating from my Illinois experience) when the weather's nice and they've resigned themselves to feeling a little ripped off by their parking spot.

For another: Fried food. I mean, what's Martini Ranch's farewell party to do besides making an extremely late pivot to candy bars dipped in corn dog batter? (View our complete concert calendar here.)

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Meggie Burr
The Senators

The Senators Release Show - The Sail Inn, Tempe - Friday, October 11

The Senators have been distributing their music in novel ways--well, basically since they've been The Senators. Digital-first releases might not be an intuitive fit for the band's self-consciously rootsy sound, but they continue to take advantage of them, which is why the words "album release show" don't quite describe what's going on Friday. The album that's being released is their first one, Harsher than Whiskey/Sweeter than Wine; it's "re-cut and re-mastered," in their words, in a way that digital albums encourage, and it comes with their new single, "Lights." It's also free--in physical form, too, if you go to their show.

Oh, and they'll be playing music Friday night--along with Sara Robinson & The Midnight Special, Dry River Yacht Club, The Prowling Kind, and other theme-appropriate local artists.

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