Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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Wet Electric 2013
Melissa Fossum
Wet Electric revelers back in April. (View the slideshow.)
Look, this could go either way: It could be that all the broken, empty-hearted Breaking Bad fans who've spent a month of weekends in their houses, talking about Breaking Bad with each other, decide to get some fresh air and see a show, and you'll be able to see some of your friends for the first time since they activated their free Netflix trial and started asking around about Sudafed.

It could also turn out that they aren't yet over their permanent separation from Walter White and company, and you'll only see them after they invite you over to read Norm MacDonald's startlingly erudite Twitter feed and discuss his he-died-in-the-car theory with their small group.

Either way, you can get out of the house. (View our complete concert calendar here.)

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West Water Outlaws

West Water Outlaws - Last Exit Live - Friday, October 4

If you haven't heard West Water Outlaws playing through your speakers or on a stage, you're missing out on a refreshing gust of raw blues and classic rock. Fans of the Black Keys, Led Zeppelin and White Stripes will love this Boulder-based act, which has already shared the stage with the likes of The Stone Foxes and Dick Dale. West Water Outlaw's open writing dynamic and vintage sound layers elements like organ and lap steel over rhythm guitar, high-energy vocals, and a chugging rhythm section. The single, "Real Killer," is an unfiltered and adrenaline-soaked love-letter to the music of the '50s and '70s.

In 2010, vocalist Blake Rooker accidentally walked into the wrong statistics class and ended up reconnecting with a friend from his freshman year, guitarist Will Buck. They bonded over a love of blues and gritty rock and roll, and West Water Outlaws was born. The band began playing parties in Rooker's basement, a reinvigorating turn from the emerging DJ trend, which brought them into Boulder bars and local clubs in exchange for food and beer. Now they're rocking more than 150 shows across the country in 2013, bringing their brand of roadhouse jams to new audiences. With plans to release their first full-length this fall, West Water Outlaws is bringing visions of rock 'n roll's past to the future. -- Lauren Wise

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The Avett Brothers are SOLD OUT at the Mesa Amp on Saturday and it wasn't even a New Times "must-see" show! Shhhhhhh, it's a secret.

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