11 of Our Favorite Martini Ranch Concerts

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Scottsdale's Martini Ranch is headed for the last roundup this weekend. As we reported last week, the Old Town concert hall/dance club/drinkery/hangout is gonezo after Sunday night as its owners are closing down the joint for good.

Three straight nights of live music are scheduled to transpire, however, before plugs are pulled and doors are locked -- including tonight's gig by Equal Vision stalwarts Saves the Day -- which serve as the final chapter to Martini Ranch's 19-year history of hosting shows.

And it's a history that's included some noteworthy musicians and bands.

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Like the recently deceased (and much venerated) rock club Hollywood Alley, Martini Ranch had a stage that was frequently trodden up on by acts and artists of renown and a pretty epic pantheon of local bands to boot.

In fact, we could probably fill a pretty thick tome with the thousands of famous names from the rock, pop, indie, and Americana realms -- including such singers and outfits as Adele, The Cardigans, Grace Potter, The Toasters, Trashcan Sinatras, Portugal: The Man, David Bazan, Melvins, Hot Hot Heat, Metric, and William Fitzsimmons -- that have called the place home for the length of a set.

Along with local music fanatics and clubgoers, the scribes of New Times headed to the Stetson Drive spot to catch some of these memorable shows over the years. In honor of Martini Ranch's closing, we've reached into our archives and assembled a rundown of some of the gigs our staff has chronicled in recent years. And while this is by no means a definitive list of the venue's best shows (and is admittedly only a tiny sample of its lengthy concert history), it provides a snapshot of the sort of tunes that were on tap at the Ranch.

Warner Bros.
Adam 12 Bravin and Justin Warfield of She Wants Revenge.

She Wants Revenge
Four hours before showtime, and Justin Warfield, the lead singer of the neo-New Wave band She Wants Revenge, has his hands all over some chick's panties. Okay, several chicks' panties, to be precise. Apparently, this is what some Rock Gawds do in their spare time. Um, you know, prep merchandise.

"Gimme me a sec, I've got to finish counting these," Warfield requests as he's thumbing through a big stack of red-and-black undies with She Wants Revenge logos on them, taking notes. "Really glamorous, huh?"

Reckon they'll be peddling the panties at the band's merch table. I'm not sure why Warfield's doing this himself out beside his tour bus, at the moment parked behind Scottsdale's Martini Ranch. Doesn't Geffen Records have, like, interns or groupies for this kinda scut work? -- Stephen Lemons

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No, this was not the place on Bar Rescue. I think that I was at Martini Ranch only twice: once to see a stellar Adrian Belew show, accompanied by my girlfriend Kendra and Tony Robinson and his wife Mary, and once to play a show onstage in The Penny Drops, also including Tony Robinson.


wasn't this place on bar rescue?

Angie Rivera
Angie Rivera

I think there's a Purple Turtle on 51st and Indian School. I don't think they do concerts there though.

Mark Koster
Mark Koster

sad...another one that didnt last long was "compound grill" nice venue...short lived...celebrity has been around forever...dodge theatre...rhythm room still rockin' !

Brandon Doyle
Brandon Doyle

I missed Eagles Of Death Metal and Metric??.... I suck..

Mark Koster
Mark Koster

you gotta be crappin' me ! haven't heard of damn near every one of these bands...I SAW ROBIN TROWER...and STANLEY CLARKE both there...those are HUGE acts !

Alan Van
Alan Van

Why 11? Why not 12, or 10?

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