Flux Pavilion: I Don't Care About What's Cool; I'm Just Doing What I Love

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Tooting your own horn isn't always a good thing. In moderation, though, what's the problem? It's just a way of telling others you're happy or proud about something--and there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Assuming that you answered "Right!" or "No, not at all," I guess it's okay for me to toot my horn a bit. After months of emails, hoping, and simply praying, I scored a phone interview with Flux Pavilion. Man, is that dude busy. I'm not going to say I have an obsession, but he was one of the first producers and DJs that ever hooked me.

I was excited. And it was nice to hear that Flux doesn't mind being boastful sometimes either.

Flux Pavilion will be headlining Wet Electric, Saturday, October 5 at Big Surf.

Up On The Sun talked to Flux about how he just can't stop, literally and his interesting relationships with other DJ's.

I've never seen you outside of Texas, so Phoenix should be a treat.
Flux: Yeah, I just remember the Phoenix area being really hot and in the desert. I had never really been in a place like that before. Should be interesting coming back.

Your remix of DJ Fresh's "Gold Dust," "Bass Canon", and "I Can't Stop" have become such anthems. How do you feel about he growth and progression of your work?
Yeah, I never really had any sort of expectations. I didn't have much of an ego. I've just kind of been writing music, and I always thought it was mixed up, but I didn't really expect to get involved with everything I have--you just end up there. I just have to kind of give myself a pat on the back and continue doing what I love. And it's nice to get a pat on the back in return for my music.

It's not like I was ever vouching for anyone or anything, it's just that over time you get better [and] people take notice and say, "Oh yeah that sounds good." It's just a process. I always try to write epic music; I wouldn't necessarily say anthems, because I want to just focus on this epic emotional connection. How people take it determines whether it is an anthem to them or not.

This process of creating 'epicness' is quite a great feeling. I've nailed it a few times and I'm happy about that.

What inspired you to take "I Can't Stop" and make a remastered version titled, "I Still Can't Stop?"
I just kind of took the classic idea within EDM, really. If you have a big track, you then create a VIP. It's a variation in production. I mean, if you have a big track you could just play that one on and on forever, but [then] there's no progression or emergence of it.

I basically made that track in order to give to other DJ's and kind of get it noticed. But I ended up deciding, instead of just a single release, fuck it--why not put it on the new EP?

And I'll probably do another one at some point. [Laughs] I'd have to come up with a new track title involving can't and stop. But I'll probably be rehashing that track throughout the rest of my life, and just keep coming up with a variety of undertones and such for it.

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