Cheap Trick - Veterans Memorial Coliseum - 10/16/13

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A few Bic lighters flew high for that one (isn't there an app for that, yet?) And truthfully, as much as many diehards don't dig that tune, it is probably responsible for getting them noticed by plenty of folks who never had 'em on their radar.

The guys wrapped it up with "Dream Police," before coming back out for encores "Never Had a Lot to Lose," the brilliant "Surrender," "Clock Strikes Ten," and "Gonna Raise Hell." The encore set was full of high energy, solos -- including an extra-long breakout on the drums -- that kept the crowd's excitement at a maximum.

If there's one sad thing to be said about last night, it's that it is always a bit of a bummer to not see Bun E. Carlos behind the drums. No offense, though, to Rick Nielsen's son Daxx, who is currently filling that slot. He is pretty outstanding and he seemed truly happy to be there, a smile hardly left his fact the entire night.

The whole damn arena, in fact, was lit up with grins for the extent of this good time soiree. Nielsen said at one point during the set, "We are the one and only -- accept no substitutes -- Cheap Trick." Yep, we got just what we wanted!

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Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fair

1826 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ

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66rock topcommenter

I missed this one, having seen my home town heros play several times, I wanted to add this to my  list.  The last two I attended were major disappointments to me with the sound systems.  The one at Talking Stick was in a space not large enough for the the system and the charity one before that at the Arena downtown Phoenix, the system was not operating properly at all and the lyrics to all songs were muffled throughout. I guess my home town boys are still at their best back in Illinois for me.  Still miss Bun on the drums too, not the same without him for us.  Rock on boys!

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