Six Innocent Songs Forever Tainted by Breaking Bad

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All bad things must come to an end, or so we were told by countless teasers and promo adds for the final season of Breaking Bad. Looking back on how we got to the conclusion, it's easy to see all the fantastic attributes that made Bad so good. The writers and directors incorporated stunning visuals and storytelling into every scene, using the limitless New Mexico landscape and an intense spectrum of color to cage its brutal tale. It dared you to accept the unacceptable.

But Breaking Bad's most effective method of delivering its ruthless moments involved transforming once-innocent songs into horror themes worthy of scoring the carnage, the amorality and the destruction of people in everyday walks of life.

Counting down the top six, we can see how music was used throughout the show to enhance some of the moments that might otherwise hit a little too close to home for some.

(Warning: Every Breaking Bad article online gives some spoiler alert disclaimer, so I might as well, too. Here it is. Tread lightly.)

6. "It Is Such A Good Night" by The Charlie Steinmann Orchestra and Choir
Ahhh--finally, a television show that glorifies the manufacturing and distribution of methamphetamine. We'd been waiting too long for this. In one of the earliest montages of season one, Jesse works diligently though the night to sell as much as possible of the new, pure product he and Mr. White had recently concocted.

The scene itself portrays one of the biggest problems in America: Uncontrollable distribution of drugs to the countless beggars looking for a fix from Jesse. The reality of the moment is suppressed by the upbeat waltzing and jazz soundtrack provided by The Charlie Steinmann Orchestra and Choir.

Before you know it, your head is bopping along to the tune as the camera moves at a choppy and inconsistent breakneck speed during Jesse's adventure--simulating the effects of the product he is slinging.

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What about that Windy song with the prostitute?


What? No "Crystal Blue Persuasion"!?

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