I'm Done Buying Every Bob Dylan Album Over and Over (Probably)

In short, I'm not really sure who this is being marketed to. If they're aiming for the aging-boomers-with-disposable-income market, I'm not convinced that they're actually going to relish the packaging, or revisit these records that they know by heart anyway. If it's younger folks, they likely already have this shit on iTunes anyway or would just buy the goofy harmonica-shaped USB release that is coming out at the same time.

It's possible, I suppose, that there's a youngster out there somewhere who is just now getting into Dylan (oh, to be there again!) for whom this box set might make an excellent gift. But Dylan's discography is too staggering to ingest all at once; if you're going through that getting-into-Dylan-phase, you're probably better served to absorb these albums one at a time. To try otherwise is to do a disservice to both Dylan and yourself.

Which leaves only one option: Columbia's banking on the completists buying this one -- those poor souls who're going to be suckered with the "Side Tracks" compilation, a wealth of previously released non-album singles, tracks from Biograph and other compilations, songs from films, and more. I admit, it tempts me too.

But I'm not falling for it this time. I'll save up instead for the now-out-of-print Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues: The Worlds of Charley Patton and assume that Dylan himself would support the decision.

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