10 Best DJs in Metro Phoenix

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Any time you go out to a club in Phoenix, you're putting your night in the DJ's hands. Sure: You'll pick the style of music you'd like to hear, and the venue, and the drinks. But if the DJ's having a bad night, it'll take an industrial-strength pair of earplugs to enjoy it all.

Luckily, the Valley has no shortage of talent. Just to give you a head start, here are 10 DJs who made this year's Best of Phoenix.

DJ Tranzit

Best House DJ: Tranzit/Juheun

Given his ultra-packed schedule of weekly club shots, warehouse parties, production work, and remix sessions, Steven Chung does the work of two DJs. And, depending on when and where you catch the Scottsdale scene veteran performing, that sometimes is literally the case. Over the past few years, Chung has pulled sort of a Tyler Durden thing with two distinctive alter DJ egos, each with its own look, attitude, and particular tastes in house music. There's his original identity as DJ Tranzit, a rowdy party monster who spins more mainstream and club-friendly progressive and electro tracks heavy on big room sound.

And then the yang to his yin is Juheun ("joo-hoon"), a brooding loner and avatar for Chung's artistic leanings and interest in more complex and intelligent grooves of a darker bent. It certainly makes Chung one of the more unique, if not downright complicated, DJs in the local scene. Interestingly enough, each side of this yin-and-yang situation also has its own distribution deal going on with different EDM labels, like when Tranzit was signed by influential house superstar Bad Boy Bill earlier this year to release his Strike EP.

Readers' Choice: Pete Salaz

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Steve Kalan
Steve Kalan

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DjAdidas Nick Nuvamsa
DjAdidas Nick Nuvamsa

Kudos to the People who got voted on here for being one of the top 10 djs and actually use Turntables, and or serato w/ turntables. For all the other people that dont, u are producers or cdj's , etc.


yeah shoulda been j.paul

Alicia Romero
Alicia Romero

DJ Sean Derek! Plays the best music! He's spinning this weekend, poolside at The Saguaro Scottsdale - a Joie de Vivre Hotel.

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