We Talked to Jeffrey Robens of Killing Spree About Their Bar Rescue Concert

Killing Spree Jeffrey Robens interview
Killing Spree
If you watched the Rocky Point Cantina episode of Bar Rescue you may have noticed a lot of weird things about the episode--like how the bar they rescued is now boarded up and closed. Here's one you might not have caught: Local metal band Killing Spree playing to someone else's crowd. We talked to lead singer Jeffrey Robens about the switch, being asked to play for a reality TV show, and how metal shows really did at Rocky Point.

Up on the Sun: So was there any indication you would play this role as the scourge?
No, not at all. They acted like we were doing them a huge favor the whole time.

"You guys are what's wrong about this place, hey can you play another four songs," like that?
No, they just kept saying thank you for playing, and thank you for helping us out. The reason they asked us to play, because they asked us the day we went down there, is because they couldn't use any footage of the national band, because they would have to pay for that, their agencies or what not, is what I'm thinking. And none of the bands signed the paperwork to let them use their music.

So how does it feel to be depicted as the scourge?
(laughs) I don't know. Realistically, I don't think we really got viewed that way, but then again, all my friends know what's going on, I don't know what people who don't know us would think seeing that, and then seeing this band and hearing .5 seconds of our music and being like, oh man.

You know what really sucks, there were a lot of girls there the night we played. And I don't know if you remember seeing in the episode, but they didn't show any girls. Remember that?

No, but it did seem like they wanted as many women in there as possible [at the end].
Absolutely. And the ratio at our show, I'm pretty sure it was 45 percent women, 65 percent dudes. There were a lot of chicks there, and it never showed any pictures of the crowd when there were chicks there, because I remember some of my friends and employees from work that are girls came to the show, and I remember there being at least four or five just from Crabby's alone. So all of our girl friends that came, I don't know, it was kind of weird. I'm just trying to think about it and ask all the girls who came to let me know. But next time you take a look at the video just think about that when you watch the first couple of minutes, when they're talking about the before.

Is that the usual ratio of women at your shows?
It's usually almost exactly like that if not 35-75--there are always more dudes than girls. But that's natural, it's at a bar where--

But a significant amount of women?
Yeah, I've always seen girls there, I always notice girls there, especially at metal shows. There's a lot of girls that go to metal shows. There are a lot of girls that just go to metal shows, that look like normal, regular--to someone who doesn't understand what it is that happens at these shows, that look like regular everyday girls.

What about other shows there, nonmetal?
You don't see a lot of girls at hip hop shows. I don't go to a lot of other shows anymore because the venues are all pushed around and I don't know who plays where. All I have for an example is Crabby's, because I'm always there on the weekends. We get more girls for cover bands and tribute bands and stuff like that than we do for original bands, but we don't get any metal there, so I can't even say that.

We usually only ever have metal bands there on the most successful nights. I don't know, the whole thing's funny to me. There's no reality in reality TV.

The end part was pretty good. The end subtext where he said he was making six thousand dollars more a weekend or a night, when the bar closed down, what, two months after they turned their cameras off? But everything else seemed pretty on point, except for that last part. Havana Cabana seemed not thought through very well.

Was Rocky Point weeks from closing?
No, I don't think so.

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