Arizona State Fair Concerts: Who You'll See and When in 2013

Old School Jam - Friday, November 1
The '80s hip hop equivalent of those alt-rock package tours Art Alexakis wanders the country with all year features Zapp, who is not an '80s hip hop artist at all but did influence a significant amount of it. With them are the Sugarhill Gang, the ominously billed "Grandmaster's Furious Five Featuring Melle Mel," Rob Base, Candyman, and Mellow Man Ace.

You might not have been into all of those singles, but these tours are more about recreating a moment in time than they are any one hit; if you liked something in the vicinity of these acts and their hit songs, it's probably worth ducking inside. (Otherwise, tickets are $15 for this 8 p.m. concert.)

Original Members: The Furious Five is difficult to suss out but will certainly be without Grandmaster Flash. The Sugarhill Gang's story is even weirder--apparently the real gang, Wonder Mike et al, lost the rights to the name to an imposter Master Gee and the real Big Bank Hank, which is terrible.

Kidz Bop Kids - Saturday, November 2
Yes, this is a real thing, and no, I can't wait. The Kidz Bop Kids are apparently a little like Menudo--five members, names not especially important, who are constantly shifting as they age out of the group and struggle to find their place in the Adultz Bop Adults. The product, per the press release, is a "fully choreographed, high energy, interactive show that guarantees a fun time for both kids and parents!"

Please note that we at New Times are not offering that particular guarantee. (But their latest single was apparently "Call Me Maybe," which I'm pretty into, all things considered.) Tickets are $15 for this 5 p.m. concert.

Original Members: One alum, Zendaya, has her own solo show scheduled for October 25. Does that count?

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I was just wondering if there is a list of local musicians playing at the fair?  Like Frequis or Bearghost?

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