Arizona Blues Showdown Crowns Paul Cruize Blues Crew Band and Juke Joint

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Paul Cruize Blues Crew
Paul Cruize Blues Crew.
Last year, there was only the band category and Juke Joint had to compete against full bands, finishing in third place. After the win, Leon J reached out to Paul Cruize, who said it would be cool if the two could perform a show together while in Memphis; they're planning to work toward that goal.

Leon J has become known for performing his Americana Crossroads Music Tribute, which takes listeners through a music history from 1890 to the blues, Memphis, Elvis, rock 'n' roll and modern day.

Drummer John Robert Leach joined Leon J for the ABC and they have performed together for three years.

In the final round, Juke Joint performed "Ain't No Grave," "Lay My Burden Down," "Kind Hearted Woman," Muddy Water's "Can't Be Satisfied," an original called "Canned Ham Blues," a tribal drum song called "Rollin and Tumbling" and another original, "Deepo Man."

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Stan "Blues Magician" Bindell performs the Blues Magician show from 7-9 p.m. Mondays on Hopi radio KUYI 88.1 FM, streaming online at

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