Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, H2O - Marquee Theatre - 10/28/2013

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New Found Glory
All photos by Melissa Fossum. See the complete slideshow here.
New Found Glory
Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, and H2O
Marquee Theatre
Monday, October 28, 2013

Last night's line up was a dream come true for pop punk fans. New Found Glory and Alkaline Trio last embarked on a U.S. tour together in 1999 in support of Face to Face, so it was long overdue.

This time around, the pop punk behemoths took H2O on the road for what was all in all a great Monday night show.

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The crowd's response to H2O made for great people watching, since the audience could more or less be divided into two camps--guys hardcore dancing and fans who could care less, since Alkaline Trio wasn't on stage yet.

After seeing H2O play sold out shows at Nile Theater, it was strange to see them receive a lukewarm reception as an opening act, but the handful of fans that poured their hearts out and still tried to grab the mic during "Guilty by Association" made it worth it.

The band closed with "What Happened?" and brought Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba on stage for vocals, as he appears on Nothing to Prove.

Next was New Found Glory, who arguably put on the best set of the night. It's remarkable not only that the band has been touring with the same line up for over 15 years (almost the "original" line up, depending on how technical you want to get about Cyrus Bolooki), but also that the band continues to have so much energy. Guitarist Chad Gilbert, the former singer of Shai Hulud, has not lost his hardcore edge--he did a great job of hyping the crowd. He sounded just like he did on New Found Glory's new live album, Kill It Live.

I first saw New Found Glory open for Blink-182 in 2001, and can accurately say that the band has not slowed down at all. Vocalist Jordan Pundik doesn't stand still for more than a few moments, always being sure to interact with the crowd. He jumped down to the barricade for "Hit or Miss," handing off the microphone out to fans.

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