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Kyle Dean Reinford
Two very different festivals this weekend: One, Desert Uprising, will fill Ak-Chin Pavilion with metalheads and hard rock fans for acts like Alice in Chians, Jane's Addiction, and Avenged Sevenfold. Lushfest, the other, will fill The Sail Inn with local music fans ready to see Future Loves Past perform its new album and host a ton of other bands.

We report, you decide [which one to go to.] (View our complete concert calendar here.)


Lushfest - The Sail Inn, Tempe - September 13-14

All The Luscious Plants, as a first album, is a statement of purpose, and a successful one. It distills the most important things about Future Loves Past into 10 songs and leaves the rest for the second album that now seems inevitable.

Which is good. Because if All The Luscious Plants weren't a success, things might become a little uncomfortable at Lushfest, the full-blown event that's grown out of the band's record release party. On two stages over two days at The Sail Inn 19 other local bands will join Future Loves Past, who will play the new album in its entirety.

After Future Loves Past finishes performing All The Luscious Plants Friday night the show will continue until two in the morning, with Snake! Snake! Snakes! and Instructions continuing inside. Saturday's bill features bands like Wooden Indian, Sundressed, St Ranger, and Vial of Sound, all of whom have attracted attention outside Arizona for their own success stories.

In a weird way, Lushfest is both a celebration of Future Loves Past's new album and a reminder of just how much talent is out there right now, and how many great albums don't find the larger audiences they deserve. All The Luscious Plants, and Future Loves Past, certainly deserves find a larger audience; over the weekend the audience they have now will come out in force to celebrate that fact.

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Black Bottom Lighters is a must see show this weekend. Rock Bar Saturday


Black Bottom Lighters is a must see show this weekend. Rock Bar Saturday

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