DJ Roya Gives us a Taste of Tongue Tied's "Old School/New School" Party


Apollo's Lounge is quickly becoming quite the Phoenix nightlife hotspot. The Hot Pink crew set up shop on Friday nights for RAD, and DJs Roya and Funkfinger take over on the first Saturday of every month for Tongue Tied.

Apollo's is a natural transition for Roya and Funkfinger after participating in Obscura at Rips Ales and Cocktails. The duo now hosts a high energy party full of themed gags, photobooths, dirt-cheap drinks, special cameos from a member of Treasure Mammal, and more.

We recently chatted with DJ Roya (a.k.a. Michele Chinichian) about Tongue Tied's forthcoming Old School/New School party on Saturday, September 7. Find out more about "Humpty Dance" shenanigans and what to expect at Tongue Tied after the jump.

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The Old School/New School party will be Tongue Tied's fifth event to date, but the night is doing pretty well in spite of its newness: "We launched in May," DJ Roya says. "We wanted to get in before the summertime hit, as that's a pretty risky time to try and make something work... we figured if we could survive a brutal Arizona summer, we'd be in good shape for the rest of the year!"

She describes Tongue Tied as an event for "indie music lovers who aren't too cool for a few guilty pleasures in the mix" that may remind guests of the Hot Pink glory days. One can expect to hear cuts from artists like Daft Punk, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Prince.

Even though all of Tongue Tied's events have been themed so far, including a tiki kiki, a Daft Punk party, and a Fourth of July bash, that won't necessarily be the case in the future, with the exception of an arcade-themed Arcade Fire party in October. "I've always had a soft spot for a themed party and had a lot of ideas of things I had always wanted to do going in.

"We don't want to have a theme for the sake of having a theme, but if we have an idea that we feel would make for a more festive and memorable night, we are likely to go for it."

Tongue Tied at Apollo's Lounge **Every First Saturday** from Travis Black on Vimeo.

And what to expect from this month's Old School/New School Party?

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