Tech N9ne: "The Beats Tell Me What To Do"

I'd love to discuss Devil's Carnival 2 with you. Can you tell me more about it?
We've done the trailer, but I haven't had time to finish the movie! I'm getting pulled in every direction. I'm going to Australia in November, when I was originally supposed to finish it, you know?

I loved the first Devil's Carnival, so I was stoked when I found out you had a part in this sequel. What's your part about?
I play the "librarian." I actually do talk and sing in the movie. [Laughs] I'm pretty brutal though... as you know if you saw the trailer, I never talked but pulled out an angel's tongue. It's a really wonderful, quiet character that is pretty forceful and stern.

I have no idea what the songs are going to be at this moment. If I did I would sing one to you! But I don't know; cross your fingers for me to finish it. Darren Bousman (a director, also from Overland Park, Kansas) is a very talented guy, and anybody that did the Saw movies is a friend of mine. [Laughs] I'm really into horror movies. My favorite is Halloween, Michael Myers. I love it.

You like the new Halloween or the old ones?
I love the new one; Rob Zombie.The old ones I own, 1 and 2--I don't mess with 3. But John Carpenter's are great, and Rob Zombie gave wonderful... I loved his twist on it.

I think Rob Zombie got a lot of criticism for his version. But that can be unavoidable.
What kind of flak? What did they say?

A lot of the die-hard Halloween fans didn't appreciate his version. Who knows if it is stamped with his Zombie twist, or if fans thought he didn't stick with the original enough...who knows.
It's like this, man, I think he did a wonderful job by portraying a picture we'd never seen before--Michael as a kid. You know what I mean? Really in-depth as a kid; killing the cats or rats or whatever. Him at school getting bullied and killing the little boy with the stick. I think Rob painted that perfectly. Perfectly. I really do.

The only thing about 2, it was super brutal. And I never heard Michael make sound, so when he was killing people [and] making sound it was weird for me at first. It was brutal, man. And Rob Zombie always throws this honky-tonk feeling on it. And I love it. I'm a fan of both.

What are some other Kansas City artists that people should know about? /strong>
Oh my god baby. There's so many! I'd be naming people for days! I don't know where to start. Rock bands? I'm trying to sign a band to my label right now called Evalyn Awake. Tyler Lyon is the lead singer; I've been trying to sign him since he was 15, back in the day.

He was on that song with me, "Love 2 Dislike Me." And there's so many rappers man, so many MCs. All you have to do is go to Kansas City and go to the recordBar or go to Westport... or downtown to the Power and Light Area. We'd be on the phone for another five hours if I named all my favorites.

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