Tech N9ne: "The Beats Tell Me What To Do"

What's one of your favorite tracks off Something Else?
The album is so personal, the three elements of Fire Water Earth being the theme. There's so many songs I'm in love with, man. If I had to pick one off Fire it would be the first song with me and Serj. It was a huge accomplishment because I've been a fan since day one of System of a Down.

If I had to pick one off Water it would be "So Dope," for the obvious reason... And off of's so hard! "Believe" is massive, and "Meant To Happen" is so personal. "Around the World" is close to my heart... man... but The Doors song, "Strange 2013." I mean, The Doors! Earth has so many massive songs.

How as it recording with the three surviving members of The Doors?
It was mind-blowing. It was wonderful having them in the studio and being able to work with them. It brought out emotions I hadn't felt in that space. The tones...all the people I love from the rock 'n' roll world or The Doors' world came to fruition, working with them on the chorus. These people inspired me for a long time.

You're always doing a ton of projects at once. Tell me about some of the ones that haven't been really talked about yet.
I have a rock EP out November 5th, called Therapy. That's almost done, and I'm headed home soon to make that cohesive before I send it out to the world. Cross you fingers, since it's all a rock 'n' roll project.

You can play the Gathering of the Juggalos and then record with a band like the Deftones. How do you achieve that balance across different audiences?
I grew up in a family that listened to a huge span of music. It was gospel and hip hop and R&B but also rock and roll and jazz and pop...not really any country, but I was aware of it, you know?

I love incorporating so many elements into my music. I just released a video not too long ago and it's the perfect demonstration of what Tech N9ne is. It's called "Love 2 Dislike Me." There's a smooth beat, heavier hooks, loud vocals, tips and turns, rap and rock.

What would be the ultimate collaboration for you?
Tech N9ne...and Slipknot. Tech N9ne....and Eminem.

I would have to agree with that one! Nice. With setting the bar so high, if someone had never heard your music before, what album would you give them that ultimately represents you?
I can actually answer that. The starter kit for Tech N9ne, is 2001's Anghellic, 2006's Everready, and 2013's Something Else.

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