The Sony Music Video Recorder Wants To Professionalize Your Band's YouTube Selfies

Somewhere just a little downstream of music on my list of socially dangerous interests: Weird, single-use Japanese gadgets. Enter: The Sony Music Video Recorder. The video camera you're looking at is designed for one thing: Recording music, ideally in the hope that you will someday become YouTube's best-sounding ukelele sensation. Like your cell phone, it shoots 1080p video; unlike your cell phone, it has two big, purpose-built microphones protruding out from it.

Early hands-on reports suggest it does its job really well. But here's what I'd like to ask all real and real-ish musicians within shouting range of this blog: is its job worth doing?

People who've never been there often assume Japan is some kind of technologically advanced wonderland; in reality its tech companies are just determined to make ever more obscure products designed to do one thing, like literally just roll around while it plays your MP3s:

If nothing else, the Sony Music Video Recorder meets more of a need than the Sony Rolly. Cell phone cameras, its most ubiquitous competitors, are taking better video every year, but their ability to capture music -- whether you're recording a show or recording yourself -- has been stalled out at Not Quite Terrible for years.

And, to be fair, it's not like the Music Video Recorder can only be used to record music videos, although the weird sideways-facing screen might make filming birthday parties more awkward than usual. This is a close relative of Sony's line of GoPro competitors, which will make it invaluable for extreme a cappella kayaking.

But they're still pitching it directly to musicians. So does Sony's use-case make sense?

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Send me one and I would put it through its paces. I mix & record live bands for a modest living


I manage a local cover band and also shoot their videos on my JVC HD100. If a band (like mine) is on a tight budget, but yet desires to have something "decent" (anything but crappy) to represent their talents in all their glory, then yes, this new Sony will be the bang for their buck. Another nice feature of it, instead of mine, is the concept of saving time. On, point, shoot. You really never know when to stop the camera (typically my bad luck) but if you do stop shooting a little too early, the Sony will be much more user-friendly. 

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