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fun., your best bet at a dose of The Format methadone, is in town this week. At the same time, Future Loves Past and approximately a million other cool local bands will be performing at Lushfest in Tempe over the weekend.

So if you missed your chance to be a fan of the Format left with extremely conflicting thoughts about fun. going international, take a close look at the 20-some bands you'll see there. (View our complete concert calendar here for even more options.)

Jason P. Woodbury
fun. at Mesa Arts Center. (Read our review.)

fun. - Comerica Theatre - Tuesday, September 10

Diehard fans of The Format had a lot of soul-searching to do when fun.--the band formed by erstwhile lead singer Nate Ruess--hit the mainstream with Some Nights. Some of it was about the music, and some of it was about the reaction: What are you supposed to do when somebody who isn't from Phoenix tells you how much they love fun.?

Thankfully, Express Feelings of Intense Betrayal appears to be the least-popular option. I've certainly come into contact with people who believe that Ruess leaving for New York and (even) poppier production values was an unthinkable betrayal of anyone who spent 2007 forcing "The Compromise" onto their friends, but most of them are at least able to avoid shouting "You lie!" at that Chevy Sonic commercial.

Read More: Nate Ruess Has Some Fun. at Zia Records

Things have calmed down, and even if you miss The Format it's now acceptable to just enjoy fun. for what it is. Now that the storm has passed--at least until their next album, and the next Chevy Sonic commercial--you can lay down your weapons, put on your Format shirt, and just go see fun. play live. Of course, if a few giddy 13-year-olds happen to hear Interventions + Lullabies playing on your boombox outside the show, afterward, so be it.

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Garyn Klasek
Garyn Klasek

shows with bands that I've actually heard of.

Charles Forker
Charles Forker

This Tuesday night September 10th , Dead Heads come out and wish Mickey a Happy 70th Birthday

Nick Gray
Nick Gray

Minus The Bear at Marquee this Friday. Fantastic live show from those guys.

Brian Walsh
Brian Walsh

If you enjoy Celtic/Folk music make sure you check out Solas in Gilbert this Friday the 13th! :)

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