Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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I've never done anything interesting enough to merit a Kickstarter, but if I ever happen to by accident I could do worse than following the example of Northern Hustle, who's celebrating their crowdfunding victory with a CD Release show this weekend.

That's just one of the titular must-see Phoenix shows this weekend. We have more. (View our complete concert calendar here.)


Northern Hustle CD Release Show - Long Wong's, Fort Wanderlust - September 6-7

Northern Hustle understands Kickstarter. When the year-old band set out to print its new album, Forgether, they asked for a distinctly reachable $1800. Instead of spending the next month biting their nails, they got what they needed in three days. In the end, 74 people pledged $3098 to help them get their thoughtful acoustic pop into the hands of thoughtful acoustic-pop fans.

It's less than you'll get if you're promising a smartwatch, or a minimalist wallet, or a Veronica Mars movie, but it was enough--and that they got there after so little time together is a testament to how polished they sound already. Their/our reward: A two-day Forgether release party. The first night's at Long Wong's; they'll be joined by Owl & Penny, There Is Danger, LA native Christian Lee Hutson, and Playboy Manbaby. On Saturday, The Balcony Scene, Where Are All The Buffalo?, and Dylan Pratt will join the party, which--I should note--is officially titled the Spring Break '98 America Festival of Friendship.

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