Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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Melissa Fossum
If you didn't happen to be in Casa Grande when Jimmy Eat World played this show, back in May, you may find it more convenient to head out to Tucson for a show from this year's Readers' Choice for Best Local Band.

If you weren't really into "The Middle," for some reason, fear not--there's more going on this weekend. (View our complete concert calendar here.)


Doctor Bones - Rogue Bar - Friday, September 27

Six months, a Kickstarter, a new lead singer, and numerous assurances they weren't done later, local "Indie Dance Music for People" purveyors Doctor Bones returned to the stage on Day 1 of Future Loves Past's Lushfest to debut their new look.

Their first full show back is Friday, and it'd be a good one to catch--they're joined by Snake! Snake! Snakes! and Sun Ghost, for one thing. If you have to miss them, though, take heart: This is apparently the start of a monthly Rogue Bar engagement.

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