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Spike Brendle
Happy Labor Day!

We like to spend our Labor Day checking out Lil Wayne charity shows. (Note: That's not a picture of Lil Wayne.) We don't know how you like to spend your Labor Day week, which is why we've included no fewer than five options for enjoying yourself. If that's not enough, check out our complete concert calendar.

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Robert Brandon Martinez

Lil Wayne - Celebrity Theatre - Monday, September 2

Well, this is a surprise: Lil Wayne, just three years removed from a career-making feature in Weezer's "Can't Stop Partying," is playing Phoenix on September 2, just over two weeks after the show was announced (with little fanfare) on August 16. Tickets--$50 each, all proceeds benefiting the conveniently named Carter Fund--went on sale the next day, and as of the morning of the show hadn't sold out.

The last few years haven't been especially kind to Lil Wayne, who's dealt with health problems and an unwise Emmett Till reference and diminishing returns on his albums, but he's still a very big get for the Celebrity Theatre--and despite the non-sellout, I can't imagine he'll be playing a lot of shows this relatively intimate in the immediate future.

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