The 10 Weirdest Music Videos on North Korea's YouTube Channel

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8. Wangjaesan Light Music Band - My Motherland I Stand Guard

7. Hyon Song-wol - A Girl in the Saddle of a Steed

One more important thing about North Korean music videos: It's impossible to tell when they were filmed, unless you can date the computers they're showing off in the b-roll. The first one, with its shiny jackets and spacey matching violins, is from "the '90s," according to the channel's proprietor. And I've got to say: The song is doing it for me.

No. 7 was filmed last year and stars Hyon Song-wol, the aforementioned executed ex-lover. (You may know this song by what must be its more literal translation, "Excellent Horse-Like Lady.") The aforementioned channel's proprietor has been insisting across several videos since the rumors started that she is actually not dead, which will be confirmed later this week. Here's hoping.

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