Nine Rock Classics You Love... That I Never Want to Hear Again

Anna Fox
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is sometimes a final resting place.
A few weeks ago, in a little ditty called Five Signs That You Might Be a Music Junkie, I mentioned that I never deliberately listen to the same song more than once a day.

That's right, no "play it again, Sam" for this geek. (Note: That quote is from Casablanca you little shit; if you didn't know you need to stream it tonight.)

Part of my reasoning is that even after being professionally submerged in music for 27 years, I know that there's an endless amount of quality songs and albums out there that I've never laid ears on, and I'm on a mission. It doesn't make sense to stand in one place when there are so many journeys to take.

But the biggest reason is that I don't want to wear it out. Once I wear out a song, it never comes back. It's dead.

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Looks Like I Just Lost Another Friend
Now you must understand...killing off music I like is a big deal to me. As I opined in Finding New Music is Easy; Listening to New Music is Hard, I think finding a new song or album is like finding a new friend. I work hard to find 'em, and I value their place in my life.

So I try to hang on to my "music buddies" once I find them.

Nevertheless, I've lost hundreds of music-friends over the years. Thanks to Clear Channel, MTV, Pandora, countless sporting and public events, and a thousand cheese-dick TV shows and commercials, there's a plethora of stuff I once liked that now makes my ears gag.

And why is that? How did all these events and entities destroy so many songs that I once wanted to hear?

Well it isn't rocket science (as if anything I've ever written has been associated with the word "science"). It's because they are OVERPLAYED.

I blame you. The mainstream.

Please Play It Again, Mr. DJ.

Curiously, I seem to be in the minority on this one. Most people I know don't complain about this. The rest of my family plays the same songs over and over and it never seems to bother them at all.

They don't freak out when they hear a beloved song on a new TV commercial. They don't seem to notice that all Pandora channels lead back to the same overdone cache of shit.

The radio research guy calls, and they say, "I Like That Old Time Rock n' Roll, so play it again."

But I notice. I always notice. It drives me nuts. Like a monkey-fighting (recently-heard Samuel Jackson dub for motherfuckin in the edited version of Snakes on a Plane) drill to my head.

My best guess is that there is no Hell, but if there is, for me it will be a continuous loop of one worn-out song after the other. Like being locked in an empty room with KSLX playing. (I hate to be so harsh on our local classic rock station, but I was stuck on a three-week construction project with only radio, and it was really, really bad. Ads aplenty, and nary a deep cut in sight.)

Anyway, I'm not like the average person, and there are a ton of classic songs I'd be thankful to never hear again.

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I don't know how the Rolling Stones are still able to perform 'Satisfaction' without a gun pointed at each of their heads    

Jenny Kuller
Jenny Kuller

ZZ Top, Sharp Dressed Man. Ugh. And anything by f***ing Journey.

Daniel Wessel
Daniel Wessel

Ya, you've definitely missed a few, but those are definitely on the list. How about anything Journey?

Jennifer Pasena
Jennifer Pasena

"I" can't get enough "Bohemian Rhapsody"--I just played it last night before bed; how did I know it was going to make this list? x)

Joe Rollins
Joe Rollins

If I could never ever hear Smells Like Teen Spirit ever again, that would be great.


"(Note: That quote is from Casablanca you little shit; if you didn't know you need to stream it tonight.)"

No it isn't. Rick never says those words.

WhoKnows topcommenter

@burt True!  It seems someone else needs to stream the movie tonight!

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