Heavy Metal Musicians Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson This Halloween

Things are really hit-or-miss when it comes to heavy metal covers of pop songs. There's been some great ones (Exodus' "Low Rider," Marilyn Manson's "Tainted Love"), and some not-so-great ones (Children of Bodom's "Oops I Did It Again," Evile's "Born This Way"), to be sure.

But when you get some legendary heavy metal figures together to cover one of the most influential pop musicians of all time, the potential is nothing short of spectacular. I'm talking about none other than Michael Jackson.

As a heavy metal fan, you're entitled to your opinions, but you can't deny that Jackson has influenced pop music across genres. When he was alive he collaborated with Guns N' Roses and Eddie Van Halen on tracks, and already there's been a ton of great covers of his work by heavy metal musicians. Take John 5's cover of "Beat It" for example. Damn, that was good.

But this month marks the first ever all-metal tribute to late pop icon Michael Jackson. Released on October 22, it features members from Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Testament, Guns N' Roses, Fozzy, Icarus Witch, Queensryche, Asking Alexandria, and more.

And given the people involved and Michael Jackson's most famous music video, this tribute album couldn't be timed more perfectly.

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Yeah, I've heard Latin, Jazz, and classical treatments of Jackson tracks in addition to countless imaginative mash ups and remixes that all sound pretty good. When the material you have to work with is of the calibre of Jackson's, it's gotta be inspiring.


So looking forward to this. Been listening and watching MJ metal covers via youtube in the past few months - there are tons of them. Always have thought some covers are really damn good. But this new album should be the best of the best! 

MJ's influence crosses almost all, if not all, of music genres. 

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