Why "Summertime Sadness," and Not "Blurred Lines," Is The Song of the Summer

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The lyrics aren't that imaginative, but most gals can relate to Lana getting dolled up with her high heels and big, beauty queen hair. Most great, memorable summer nights are based on a feeling--yeah, yeah, that cliché first popped up in Grease--but think about it.

Even though Phoenix summers are excruciating, there's something magical about night swims, road trips, and a well-executed Fourth of July.

Cedric Gervais and Lana Del Rey capture that sensation in three-and-a-half minutes. The song is best heard late at night through a car stereo with the windows down, because unlike what the song title suggests, it is not a sad song.

This remix celebrates all that is great about the summer in one short, sweet and very danceable package. Even if you're a Lana-hater, I recommend checking out this remix--sparklers and ice cream are optional (but encouraged).

After falling in love with this remix, I finally listened to Born to Die in its entirety and was pleasantly surprised. I still think "Video Games" is lame and Lana Del Rey is the prime example of a "love to hate" musician, but "Diet Mountain Dew" is incredibly fun and catchy--the perfect type of song to listen to on a rare, temperate summer day.

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video games is a masterpiece you are obviously a moron


"Songs like "Video Games" sound like a second rate Joanna Newsom trying to win over the World of Warcraft contingent."

lol wut?!?!?

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