Six Hollywood Stars Who Are Undercover Metal Heads

When it comes to Hollywood, metalheads are usually portrayed in a... not so flattering light. We're the drunks and stoners, braindead from too much head-banging, clad in grimy vintage band t-shirts and greasy hair.

Well, that may be so. But who is Hollywood to judge? I'd take our stereotype over the popped collar, Axe-body-spray-soaked L.A. douchebag or Paris-Hilton-wannabe freaking out because the Chihuahua in her purse broke open her coke baggie with its pink toenails tropes.

But when you hear about legitimate actors who actually love and appreciate heavy metal, you gotta feel like there's a little hope about there. Because we only feel more hopeless when we see someone like Megan Fox wearing a Megadeth t-shirt in the airport. And I'm not talking about Jack Black or Kevin Smith. Yes, they are awesome, successful, and support heavy metal, but we already know about them. OH--and don't expect to see Jared Leto on here, either. The most metal thing about that guy was when he was getting beaten to hell in Fight Club, and when Christian Bale took an axe to him in American Psycho.

So here's a list of six Hollywood actors you've heard of for years who are also secret metal fans.

Nicolas Cage
I've always felt like Nicolas Cage was one of those undercover metal heads. You can see it in his eyes, when he gets that crazy look with his more irrational movie characters. Like, in Face/Off when he starts headbanging as a priest. Anyways, his son, Weston Coppola Cage, is a known black metal musician. He was the frontman in the now-disbanded LA black metal band, Eyes of Noctum and nowadays is working on a solo black metal project called Allone. In an interview he admitted that his dad is a fan of black metal himself, particularly Darkthrone and Satyricon.

Brian Posehn
Die-hard metalheads probably already knew about this pick, as the U.S. comedian has been involved in an array of heavy metal projects. He's not only been involved in a few Rob Zombie projects, including a role in the 2005 film The Devil's Rejects, he also released an album in 2006 called Live In: Nerd Rage. Scott Ian of Anthrax, John Tempesta of The Cult and White Zombie, and Jonathan Donais of Shadows Fall showed up on the track "Metal By Numbers, which makes fun of musicians who claim they are metal but really aren't.

He's also appeared on That Metal Show, Lamb of God's Walk With Me In Hell DVD and a ton of other projects.

Metal By Numbers

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Last week we DID have quite a few, with the Desert Uprising Festival that came through Phoenix. We snagged interviews with Volbeat, HIM, and more from the line-up. Not too mention the weekly Metal Mondays. Thanks for noticing! However, perplexin' in a bad way? I think not :)

Marcos Volta
Marcos Volta

you forgot Rob Lowe, he loves The Black Dahlia Murder and has a brief scene on one tbdm's dvd's.


the large influx of heavy metal articles seems perplexin', like there is a weekly minimum with & topic threads more a reach than the last. 


@stay_straight Thanks for noticing! Last week there were quite a few, with the Desert Uprising festival that came through Phoenix. We had blog posts with interviews featuring Volbeat, Him, and the entire festival line-up, along with the weekly Metal Mondays. However, perplexin' in a bad way? I think not :)


Yeah I think  of Heavy Metal in a bad way but I admit that depends on one's view of the genre historically (pretty silly) and how relateable  it is in today's music (not much).  Good to hear the Uprising Festival was a success as I encourage and love to see well attended musical events no matter my taste.

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