Five Ways Eminem's "High" ESPN Interview Is Pop Culture's Pro Wrestling Moment

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Eminem has always explicitly played a character on his records, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised that he's playing one on TV now that he's re-dyed his hair and dumped his earnest Recovery/Chrysler commercial persona. Based on the reaction to his bizarre "high" ESPN interview with Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit, though, we were. (This is especially impressive on his part because these mid-game interviews with celebrities are always awkward and usually ignored.)

Assuming he wasn't actually high--this seems safe--it was a brilliant piece of promotion and character-building. It was also one of the best signs we have yet that pop culture is basically now pro wrestling for people who never thought nWo shirts were cool. (Granted, pro wrestling's been on my mind since I ranked the best WWF theme songs ever.)

Here's what pop stars have learned from pro wrestling:

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1. Age doesn't matter, so long as your character believes he's young.
In pro wrestling it is not especially weird when Hulk Hogan, who is now 60 years old, is able to beat the crap out of a 25-year-old contender. Music used to be the exact opposite: Pop stars were over the hill at 30. Heck, Kriss Kross was over the hill at 16.

This is no longer the case. Some of the Backstreet Boys are in their 40s, yet they're able to dance to "I Want It That Way" to packed houses their younger counterparts would be overjoyed to draw. As with Hulk Hogan, we suspend disbelief when '80s stars decide they want to look 25 longer than is advisable or possible (Madonna) or act like they're the same dangerous rock stars they've always been (Motley Crue.)

Eminem--Slim Shady, specifically--is a chaotic force, a young upstart that Old People Just Don't Understand. But Kirk Herbstreit, who stood next to him during the interview, is all of three years older than Marshall Mathers, who's going on 42. So long as he wears the costume, we the Twitter userbase are willing to suspend disbelief and act like he's a 28-year-old outsider, and not a guy who released history's most vulgar adult contemporary album three years ago.

2. Know your audience.
Pro wrestling bad guys always know where they are, and tune their in-ring monologues to achieve maximum reaction from the crowd. In the South? Better adopt a Yankee accent and start calling people hicks. In my hometown, Springfield, Illinois? Maybe tell Abraham Lincoln to suck it.

College football reaches the exact same demographic as Slim Shady: Nostalgic former 17-year-old males and current 17-year-old males, all of them ready for something just slightly transgressive and wild. It's the perfect place to revive Slim Shady, the rough equivalent of bringing your Soviet Union villain out during a show on Independence Day. It's not quite as inspired as *NSYNC reuniting at the VMAs in front of millions of people who used to watch TRL, but it's close.

3. Don't go so far that people get tired of you.
*NSYNC didn't even need to perform an entire song to fulfill the OMG *NSYNC IS REUNITING storyline, and a good pro wrestler knows that working an angle too long will eventually make people sick of you. After all, that's what happened to Slim Shady in the first place.

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Joseph Manna
Joseph Manna

I think he was dropped off in the studio with no idea or prep for live media. Not one of his finer moments, but he's on a comeback.

Kit Hunn
Kit Hunn

This article would have been much better if you had included the fact that Eminem's music is now a steaming pile of crap meant to suck money out of brainless idiots who can't think for themselves. Then you could have made the brilliant albeit obvious connection to Pro-Wrestling as it too is a steaming pile of crap meant to suck money out of brainless idiots who can't think for themselves.

Brad Wayne
Brad Wayne

who gives a fuck. he is a rapper. Do your fucking job, because there are more important things going on in the world. Nobody needs your thoughts on culture.

Zac Brandt
Zac Brandt

He was playing around. I watched the interview. He snaps out of the weird face at will. He was just clowning around/

Jesse Adams
Jesse Adams

Nah, portraying his slim shady character

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