Danny Avila on His Teenage EDM Superstardom and Spreading His Manic Energy to Crowds

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Danny Avila is scheduled to headline tonight at Maya Day and Nightclub in Scottsdale during Sound Wave Block Festival.
It's going to be a particularly jam-packed Saturday for Danny Avila this weekend. The Spanish-born, electro-slinging DJ wunderkind will fly from Chicago (where he had a late-night show at the Palladium Nightclub last night) down to Texas to work a gig at the Breakaway Music Festival outside of Dallas before jetting our way to headline at Maya tonight during the Sound Wave Block Party. Oh, and then he's bound for Miami.

Luckily, the 18-year-old has tons of energy and has grown used to pulling such transcontinental treks since his rise to prominence over the past couple years. Despite his young age, Avila has become an old hand (relatively speaking) at the DJ game and has racked up a number of significant coups even though he's barely old enough to vote.

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At 12, he started dabbling with mixing in he bedroom. A few years later, he was performing the nightclubs of his native Spain. And by 2011, he'd named "Best Newcomer DJ" by the Vicious Music Awards, had gotten loads of praise from DJ Mag and others, and had performed alongside the likes of Afrojack, David Guetta, and his hero/mentor Fedde le Grand, who helped discover Avila.

We spoke with Avila via telephone before his Chi-Town show last night and learned about the pros and cons of being a teenage superstar, as well as the fact he doesn't mind being compared to Justin Bieber (mostly because of their similar hairstyles), and why he'll be a tornado of manic energy tonight behind the mixers at Maya.

Did you ever think that so much would happen in your career so quickly?
I don't think its went that fast to be honest. In the last year, everything's went pretty fast, but it's still been a long way since I began. And I've been DJing for six years now, so I've been doing this for awhile. But, yeah, it's true that the last two years have been pretty crazy for me.

Why is that DJs seem to be getting younger and younger?
I think the [EDM] sound that we make and we play, it's goes directly to the young audience, to the young crowd. Out to the college market or the college kids, which is great. And I think we understand totally this kind of sound. And I think that's one of the reasons why young DJs are, I think, getting bigger or bigger.

You started at 12. Do you think there are kids out there that might start DJing even younger than you?
I mean, maybe, yeah. I was DJing in my bedroom and making music at 12 and not playing club shows. But I am sure there are a lot of young people making music or learning how to DJ right now. And I'm sure in the next years we will hear them as well for sure.

So what is it about EDM that skews it towards younger crowds?
I mean, in one case electronic music has been in Europe for 25 years. So it's always been huge over there. But right now in the states, it kind of blew up in the last years because of all pop artists are making tracks with DJs and the sound is improving so much and the quality is just like so good. Right now, electronic music is the biggest music genre in the world. And as I've said before, all the kids and the college kids love it. It's the perfect sound for them.

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