Phoenix Suns' New Season Ticket Program Bundles Michael Buble, Michael Beasley

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Jim Louvau
As a cost-saving move, they could teach the Suns dancers how to do the "Single Ladies" robot stuff.
This feels a little like Barnes and Noble offering combined subscriptions to Teen People and Adbusters because they're both in the magazine section, but I guess I can't fault the Phoenix Suns and US Airways Center for trying something new: The team is now offering a season ticket package that combines every home game with every concert during the NBA season.

That's right: You'll be able to watch Justin Timberlake in December and cry soft, silent tears about the bygone Mike D'Antoni era at the same arena for the same low price.

That low price, according to the Phoenix Business Journal, "[ranges] from $3,500 to $7,700 per seat." At the $3,500 level, a Dan Majerle hologram will camp out at one corner during shootarounds. At the $7,700 level, your usher will be the real Dan Majerle.

Granted: I could be completely, perfectly, beautifully wrong on this. But this seems like a classic example of a commodity mistaking itself for a brand, as when a cable or satellite TV provider believes, or tries desperately to believe, that people feel loyalty to Cox or DirecTV, and not HBO or the NFL. When you find yourself thinking about a particular cable company or arena, much to their chagrin, it's usually because something bad has just happened.

US Airways Center, like your ISP, is a dumb pipe: It happens to carry the data you want, and it does it perfectly well, but if another arena got the Suns or Nine Inch Nails you'd go there instead. That it carries both professional sports and enormous, glittering pop concerts (like Bruno Mars yesterday) might be a coincidence worth trying to exploit, but it's a coincidence nonetheless.

But don't listen to me--I'm a baseball fan, and most baseball stadiums are uniquely ill-suited to serve as anything except baseball stadiums, Eddie Vedder's love of Wrigley Field aside. If you're a basketball fan, would you bundle a bunch of randomly chosen pop shows with your Suns season tickets?

That is, would you bundle a bunch of randomly chosen pop shows with your Suns season tickets if the Suns were a little less depressing to watch?

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JohnQ.Public topcommenter

Isn't this the same thing that they do with suites - just expanding it to regular seats?

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