Five Great Shows We Saw This Spring

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McDowell Mountain Music Festival
McDowell Mountain Music Festival - Melissa Fossum
It's coming. College kids are circling the Valley in hand-me-down Corollas; especially eager snowbirds are lying to their friends back home about it being A Dry Heat, even in August; the days are very gradually getting shorter. And big touring acts, who've stayed away from Phoenix all summer, are announcing shows.

Ahead of the fall rush, then, we thought it would be nice to take a look at the year so far. Today, we've got five of the shows that earned rave reviews from our writers this spring; on Monday, we'll be taking a look at some shows that blew us away over the summer.

We want to know yours, too, whether we covered it or not: What are the best shows you've seen so far this year?


Yasiin Bey (a.k.a. Mos Def) - Celebrity Theatre - 3/21/2013

Celebrity Theatre played host to an experimental show from Yasiin Bey (better known as Mos Def), according to our review from Jaron Ikner:

Dressed in white, Mos Def hit the stage around 10:30 to an eager audience. As the crowd went into a complete uproar, it was exciting to see the rapper turned actor bless the audience with his wide array of songs. Interestingly enough, Mos Def was accompanied by two DJs instead of the standard one. It would seem that Mos Def normally does his shows with a live band. I say this because the first half of his set included lots of pre-recorded live instrumentation and dance numbers. Yasiin Bey was not afraid to show off his dance moves as he sashayed and shimmied across the stage with an almost James Brown-style swagger. The first half of his set was clearly experimental, but he played the occasional hip-hop track from his first effort, Black on Both Sides, as well as few from more recent releases like The Ecstatic and True Magic. He also blended in the occasional soul song. The first 30 minutes of the set was more a jam session than anything else, as Yasiin would consult his two DJs as to which song to play next. The crowd ate it all up as they tried to keep up with the energetic Mos Def. Bey bounced across the stage effortlessly with a huge smile that didn't leave his face the entire night.

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