The 25 Best Phoenix Club Photos of July 2013

Candids July 2013
Benjamin Leatherman
Some of these end up being more candid than others, is the thing.
An emergency deployment to Hollywood Alley might have deprived them of sleep and beer money, but it wasn't about to keep our Club Candids photographers off their usual July beat: Taking pictures of people who would probably have left Phoenix for the summer if it weren't for the pool parties.

As always, then, we've collected the fruits of their labor, as partial repayment for forcing them to walk around a pool with extremely expensive camera equipment in triple-digit weather.

Fatboy Slim - Maya Day & Nightclub - July 4, 2013

Photos by Benjamin Leatherman. View the full slideshow.

Renowned big beat icon (and all-around British bloke) Fatboy Slim staged an invasion of the States and celebrated the most American of holidays with the winning side of the Revolutionary War when he visited Scottsdale on Thursday, July 4, and performed a special DJ gig at Maya Day & Nightclub. And the vanguard of EDM's halcyon days of the early aughts didn't disappoint as he laid down a massive mix of his own tracks ("Praise You," "Fucking In Heaven," "Song for Lindy") with heavy-duty house and electronica hits, which brought the afternoon-long Independence Day pool party to a high-energy climax.






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