Four Phoenix Metal Shows That Will Rock Out for Good Causes

Jim Louvau
Slash at Celebrity Theatre. (View the complete slideshow.)
The only thing better than rocking out to great live metal is rocking out for a great cause. With that in mind, four upcoming metal shows are celebrating metal legends and local idols, and they should have a spot on your concert calendar.

We're talking Slash, the best of Arizona metal bands, single moms with cancer, and fallen heroes. So if you feel like hearing some great metal while contributing to a great cause (or, in some cases, just celebrating my favorite and Pantera), don't miss these shows.

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Every year, venues across the country pay tribute to Pantera's Dimebag Darrell right around his birthday, August 20. This year, there are two different events, and I've gotta say: They're both looking great. The Sail Inn is hosting "Dime Fest" on August 24 to pay tribute to the guitar god. Local Pantera tribute band Cowboys N Hell (we interviewed them earlier this summer) is playing, along with fellow tribute acts Recipe for Disaster (Guns 'N Roses), Bad Reputation (Joan Jett), Kill 'Em All (Metallica), and Faceless (Godsmack.)

Cowboys N Hell is one hell of a band, and after seeing them you'll see the solid tribute they pay to Pantera.

The second DimeFest is at Joe's Grotto, also on August 24. This show features Sectas, Inner Chaos, Latency, Souless, Discordent, Twelve Gates, Bellacose, Skullcap, Cactus Chainsaw, From Athens We Fled.

Cactus Chainsaw has been one of my favorite local acts since they started out in 2009, and Joe's Grotto is a great venue for a metal show, so if you can I would recommend heading to Joe's Grotto early on, then making your way to the Sail Inn to catch Cowboys N Hell. It may be a long drive, but hey -- you'll be heading to Prescott the following day for Rock N' 2 Remember, so it won't seem so bad, right?

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