Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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The Monkees and the Jonas Brothers are both playing the Valley this week, which is a think piece someone else is going to have to write -- only one of them made our list of five Phoenix shows to see this week.

Find out which one it is after the jump! (And view our complete concert calendar here.)

(It's the Monkees.)

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Wolvves, Miss Massive Snowflake - Trunk Space - Monday, August 5

One of the Trunk Space's many public services: It is basically an enormous magnet that strange bands you don't know about yet find themselves drawn to, possibly against their will. Miss Massive Snowflake is that kind of band -- Portland natives who I never would have had any reason to hear if they hadn't shown up on our concert calendar. On Like a Book, their latest, there's all kind of stuff that reads as "weird pop" -- talky vocals, rhythms designed to confuse your legs, odd noises that carry melodies to other odd noises--in an arrangement that's new to me, at least.

They're joining Wolvves, who came up in our story about Rubber Brother Records. (I mention that only because I'm not sure if it meant we fulfilled any part of their five tips for music bloggers.) Kicking off the bill is Creosote Mantra, whose hyperactive "Sending Regards" is a good fit with Miss Massive Snowflake but who, so far as we know, don't have any tips for music bloggers at all.

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What? No mention of Chicago at Celebrity on Saturday???

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