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Alexander Richter
Typically we just give you a chance, in these weekly previews, to see shows. But something-something-Web-2.0, and now user interaction is important. So go see shows, if you want to be Web 1.0 about it . . . or you can go to Zia and try out to be a Heavy Metal Television VJ.

Your call. (Or you could just do both--view our complete concert calendar here.)

Action Bronson - Celebrity Theatre - Friday, August 9

In late June, rapper Action Bronson stopped by Sway in the Morning, a radio show run by longtime MTV News VJ/correspondent Sway. For whatever reason, the host spent his Bronson time on awkward conversation and fat jokes. At one especially cringey point, Sway asked the man born Arian Asllani whether he saw his own penis often. "Very often," Bronson fired back. "I have halal beef."

That throwaway quip somehow managed to encompass nearly key trait of the Action Bronson aesthetic. First, "halal beef" is a reference to food -- a practice the Queens native specializes in, what with past mentions of abalone, apple cider, barbecued lobster, green M&Ms, garlic-dipped crabs, and other scrumptious eats in verses. Second, the Sway conversation is one about Bronson's weight. The MC has already explored the topic in "Ronnie Coleman," a hilarious/sad reflection on drooling over junk food, shaming oneself into weight loss, and "getting twisted eating chicken with a prostitute." Lastly, the comment is a sexualized one, and Bronson loves discussing his dalliances with the ladies (particularly, hookers).

Throw allusions to weed, crime, and pre-1998 pro wrestling into his "Sway in the Morning" comment, and you have the entirety of Bronson's glorious shtick right there. -- Reyan Ali

Ed. Note: We previewed two more Friday shows earlier this week.

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