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Dan Martensen
Are you aware just how big a deal Barenaked Ladies' first album was in Canada? Wikipedia tells me it "topped the Canadian charts for eight consecutive weeks" and that 80,000 copies of Gordon were sold in the first 24 hours.

We didn't include them in the Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows this week -- half because if you're the kind of person who wants to go see BNL, you didn't need me to remind you, half because we're still heartbroken that Steven Page left the band -- but meditate, while you read on, on the idea of the Barenaked Ladies being a country's biggest pop superstars at any moment in human history. (View our complete concert calendar here.)

Yellow Minute (from Facebook)
Yellow Minute

Yellow Minute, Wooden Indian - MIM Music Theatre - Monday, August 19

After a while, it gets weirdly easy to begin associating bands with the venues they play, and the reaction you get from being inside said venues. Whatever you associate with Yellow Minute and Wooden Indian right now, it probably isn't driving to the far north edge of Phoenix and sitting down in a very expensive, exceptionally climate-controlled auditorium at the Musical Instrument Museum.

I like standing up in a crowded bar and wondering what it is that's making me feel sticky as much as the next guy, but it could be a nice change of pace. It's part of the MIM's "I Am AZ Music" series, which most recently brought a wide swath of local blues musicians through. This week's theme is "Pop Genre Benders," which is certainly an accurate tag for both of these bands. Wooden Indian does it with a calmness that borders on the unnerving, while Yellow Minute -- which became a full band after starting off as a low-fi solo project a few years back -- has retained its loopy, echoey character even as its grown the requisite band limbs.

It's a concert series worth supporting, and it's one of your few chances to see these bands at the kind of venue you'd take your parents, if that's the kind of thing that maybe appeals to you.

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No mention of Deerhunter??? weak.

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