NSYNC Reunion Confirmed by Verified Twitter Account, Because the Internet Is Ridiculous

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*NSYNC has literally just been standing here for the last 10 years.
God, the internet is weird. Also *NSYNC fans, but mostly the internet. Just days after Lance Bass's non-denial an *NSYNC reunion at Sunday's VMAs was confirmed, in this order, by Joey Fatone's dad and the opening of a verified Twitter account in their name. , which immediately drew 67,000 followers. This is great news for, in this order, the non-Timberlake members of *NSYNC and people who self-identify as '90s Kids.

The best part of this whole thing--unless you're aching to hear "Bye Bye Bye," which seems like the odds-on song-choice favorite if there's a performance element to the reunion--is learning that they haven't missed a boy-band beat: Their tweet is exactly the kind of awkward attempt at sounding unrehearsed that would have garnered them screams 13 (yikes) years ago.

I mean, come on--you can imagine Justin Timberlake saying this with the afro and then doing that awkward I-know-you-girls-have-confusing-dreams-about-me smirk-laugh, right?

In this case it got them 20,000 retweets and another 10,000 favorites, which isn't bad considering they last performed before MySpace existed and didn't tweet again on Saturday.

As a '90s time capsule they'll provide even the boy-band haters among us with plenty of experimental data. For instance: How does a boy band that last performed in 2001 tweet? It's like watching Gary Condit microblog from his Star-Tac. (Even he came back before *NSYNC.)

So far they're looking pretty good: "Bye Bye Bye" somehow has 34 million views on Vevo.

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