So What Are The Other Members of NSYNC Going To Do Now?

NSYNC wax museum credit InSapphoWeTrust
*NSYNC's comeback was even more ephemeral than any of us predicted: Not even a full song, just enough of "Bye Bye Bye" to get J.C. Chasez in front of the Popping and Locking Triangle for a few bars. As it turns out, it was enough--people got their chance to gawk at their childhood in 720p (or on a crappy YouTube video of someone's TV, if they missed it.) Thus sated, they resumed being scandalized by Miley Cyrus, or maybe by having created Miley Cyrus.

But where does the rest of *NSYNC go when Justin Timberlake goes back to being Justin Timberlake? We've done the research, momentarily, so that you don't have to.

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J.C. Chasez, who was the subject of a surprisingly interesting thinkpiece about his brush with solo fame back in March, has ostensibly given up on his front-of-the-mic career, his theatrics at the VMAs aside.

What's he doing instead? Forming a girl band, which I guess is a good way of putting his experience to use, and tweeting about it a lot. He didn't waste the comeback opportunity, either, dropping a Girl Radical video into his hey-thanks-for-watching tweet Sunday night:

The band itself seems oddly beholden to Japan's super-popular girl groups--it's big, for one thing, and its website is determined to brand them all as individuals, so that you can pick your favorite.

The cover isn't doing it for me, but I'm probably not the target audience for something called "Girl Radical," much as I loved Tragic Kingdom. That said, I'm not sure who the audience is--it seems a little oversexed for preteen girls, and a little preteen for adult males. In any case, J.C. Chasez is keeping himself busy. And if a fit of nostalgia has you following him on Twitter for the first time, you'll hear all about it.

Joey Fatone, whose dad broke the story before their brand-new Twitter account, seems refreshingly realistic about the whole thing. Here's his tweet immediately after the performance:

Also, god bless him for making his Twitter bio "They call me the FAT-ONE!" His Twitter account, when *NSYNC isn't getting better, looks shockingly like some random friend of yours'.

When he's not taking pictures of roller coasters (is that Cedar Point?) Fatone makes intermittent appearances on TV and hosts not-quite-successful reality shows like The Singing Bee. He appears to be having a good time.

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Joe Rollins
Joe Rollins

Back to hosting gameshows and spending their free time seeing Justin Timberlake movies.

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