5 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance Was a Good Thing

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There's more good in this than meets the eye

Miley Cyrus keeps breaking records. This week, her polarizing, bizarre, what-drugs-is-she-on? performance at the MTV Video Music Awards caused a Twitter avalanche, inspiring more than 300,000 Tweets per minute and upsetting the slightly classier Beyonce as the title holder of most Tweets in a minute in the process. As parents gasped in horror, viewers threw up in their mouths, and everyone from the Teddy Bear Org. to the guy who invented the foam finger got ticked off, Cyrus continued on her quest of world domination. Even her manager, Larry Rudolph (who is no stranger to train wrecks, as Britney Spears' longtime head honcho), called the performance a coup.

Rudolph's right -- at least, if you're not judging the performance in terms of taste or musical talent. Cyrus cemented her status in the VMA performance hall of fame. Keep reading for five reasons why the act the world is deploring actually was a good thing, both for Cyrus and the rest of us.

1. She might actually get adult males interested in her music. Before Cyrus' reinvention as a wannabe rapper, she grew up Disney in her "Hannah Montana" role. Her sexed-up VMA performance that had her in a nude two-piece grinding on Robin Thicke's man bits made straight males actually pay attention to her music.

Sure, it's a cheap and fast trick, but it still got eyeballs glued to the screen.

2. She embodied the individualistic spirit MTV should be championing. Despite its stereotype-perpetuating shows such as Jersey Shore and Buckwild, MTV's origin was based on being a voice for the youth, through groundbreaking videos that touch on political and social issues. While there was nothing outwardly intelligent about Cyrus' performance, the fact she can act a fool and put together the craziest live performance she could envision shows MTV still encourages individuality -- no matter how trashy that may be.

3. She boosted buzz around her latest single with Justin Bieber, "Twerk." Oh-so-coincidentally this week, a new track by Cyrus and Bieber, appropriately called, "Twerk," leaked. The track is super-sexy, at least on Bieber's end, and its leak timing perfectly aligns with the chatter surrounding her. At least Cyrus' business camp is savvy enough to milk that performance while it's still sizzling.

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I thought I woke up in SLC, Utah with all the prudish squawking about Miley everywhere I turned. So what, so she's the latest in a long line of oversexed envelope pushing ass shaking live performers that some how keep the 'M' in MTV from being revoked. If anyone was surprised by what they themselves or their impressionable young children witnessed, they have either a short memory or didn't bother to do their homework. It's been common knowledge for some time now that this young lady is desperate to ditch her Disney image. Hell, didn't her dad strip before he ruined a haircut with song? Either way, MTV scores again! And they will again and again and again until complaints to the FCC, to MTV and to the show sponsors outnumber the complaints posted to entertainment related message boards.   


It proves once more that when LACK OF TALENT, d only way 2 get some attention is 2 resort 2 denigrating moves like "twerking" and getting half naked, also, probably she was stoned, thus all those fuck faces and tongue "banging". LUDICROUS.


Dad's not proud but America loves some skank.


Actually, it was more of a non-thing than a good thing or bad thing.

valleynative topcommenter


What I learned from English 101 was that it really isn't difficult to analyze any work of "art" and find a wealth of Freudian or other symbolism if you're willing to let your imagination run wild and can keep a straight face when defending it in class.

I think the real extent of the intended symbolism was "screw that little girl stuff!  I'm grown up trailer trash now!"

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