Masked Intruder - Yucca Tap Room, Tempe - 8/12/13

Melissa Fossum
Masked Intruder

Like most superheroes and supervillians, it's hard not to take a guess at the true identities of Wisconsin's pop punk gem, Masked Intruder. After getting a close look at all four members, I can confirm that none of them are Mikey Erg. The verdict's still out on whether or not they're real life Ninja Turtles.

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When I followed the band on Twitter last night, I thought for sure that I'd discovered that the band was secretly Teenage Bottlerocket. Not a bad theory, except that TB is currently on a European tour.

The true identities of Masked Intruder don't matter that much. While it's fun to know that The International Superheroes of Hardcore are really New Found Glory, Masked Intruder's anonymity is part of the appeal.

Melissa Fossum
Masked Intruder

When I interviewed Intruder Blue last week, he warned me that a parole officer would be on hand to arrest people who weren't having fun. Sure enough, when he introduced "Mr. Wet Blanket himself, Officer Bradford," the band's merch guy, dressed in a costumey police uniform, flipped off the crowd and dove into the crowd during "How Do I Get to You." No arrests were made, but the parole officer succeeded at boosting audience participation by dancing and grabbing fans by the shoulders throughout the show.

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