Masked Intruder: Crime and Love Songs Go Together Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Katie Hovland
Masked Intruder

Of all the gimmicky bands out there, Masked Intruder's premise is pretty rad. This group of masked thugs hails from the oh-so-rough neighborhood of Madison, Wisconsin, and commits unforgivable crimes like suffering from ongoing heartbreak. Like most superheroes, the band members keep their identities secret, hiding behind color-coded ski masks.

I recently chatted with the lead singer/guitarist of the band, who identifies as Intruder Blue, to discuss the band's background, signing to Fat Wreck Chords, and crimes of passion. Check it out after the jump.

How's the Red Scare Across America tour going so far?
It's been pretty great. We've had a lot of fantastic times and we've made lots of friends. We've got some very good friends in the bus -- Masked Intruder, Elway, and Chambers, we all get along real well. We do a lot of gambling, dice mostly, so it's been going pretty good. We had a vehicle breakdown outside of Pittsburgh, but we pulled through and we made it to the show.

Did you pay for that with your dice winnings?
Money trades hands between the bands a lot, but that's not going to pay for the engine. The shows have been great, so we were able to keep going on. It's not too bad, because people have been supportive and cool.

Can you walk through how you signed to Red Scare and got picked up by Fat Wreck?
Basically, Toby [Jeg] from Red Scare came to Madison and saw us play at a bar, The Frequency, which is the local bar that you go to to see local bands. Toby saw the show -- we were there with the Cobra Skulls and Nothington, so we were pretty stoked to open for those bands because we're fans. He talked to us after the show, so we were pretty excited about the possibility of maybe putting something out on Red Scare. We tried to get answer out of Toby forever, but he never gave us a straight yes or no.

Eventually one day, we go down to Chicago to play a show.The morning after, Toby took us out to brunch and got us pretty much wasted, and we signed with Red Scare at that point in time, when we were inebriated in the morning.

From there -- Toby used to work at Fat, he's friends with Fat Mike, and I think that Fat Mike heard the record because Toby passed it off to him and that's how that happened. We didn't have too much to do with it; we didn't expect it to happen, especially so soon. We were sort of surprised and excited.

How long have you guys been a band? It seems like this is all still pretty new.
Yeah, it is. We're actually just about three years old. We started playing in the band Masked Intruder three years ago and then we put out a demo, and then we put out First Offense on Hang Up Records out of Lacrosse, Wisconsin, and then we did the self-titled on Red Scare, which has not quite been out for a year. It's coming up in August, the first anniversary of that.

How did you guys come up with the concept for Masked Intruder?
Oh yeah, that's a good question. In prison, you get a lot of time to sit around and talk about stuff. Plus, we already had the colored ski masks and everything, so it just worked out. Also, sometimes things just work out and that's where the idea came from. Evidently, things that go together like chocolate and peanut butter are crime and love songs.

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Johnny Gimmick
Johnny Gimmick

They're here 8/12 at Yucca Tap Room! Get at me for tix!

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