Korn's New Single: Let's Hope "Never Never" Isn't What Their New Album Sounds Like

I'm quite curious to know what hardcore Korn fans think of the new single. Personally, I love Korn. It was one of the bands that set the stage for me to explore the realm of heavy metal, tracing it back decade by decade.

But here's the problem with the band's new single: As a Korn fan, I really don't like it. It's not because I had high expectations of what it is calling its new "sound" -- it's just because I have high expectations of the band. And it's because the single seems to really lack everything the band said it would have.

The new Korn album to be released October 8, The Paradigm Shift, is highly anticipated. Not only does it mark the return of Brian "Head" Welch, but it also is representative of Jonathan Davis' path to sobriety. But a path to totality? A shift in the paradigm? Not so much.

When I spoke to Munky (James Shaffer) this past spring, he was utterly ecstatic about Head's return to the band. His return kicked off after he went on stage with Korn at Carolina Rebellion. In fact, I interviewed Welch not too long thereafter. He said that he wasn't expecting the emotions he felt when he joined them onstage. I asked him why he thought there wouldn't be an upheaval of feelings. What did he really think he was going to feel when talking to or seeing them again?

"I don't know. Everyone's been doing their thing for like eight years. I was just . . . going to say hi, and then I started feeling all this emotion during the day. I was watching all these bands play, and started feeling emotional. It was like a family reunion. The crowd even . . . there were so many people that you make so happy with the music and I felt that again. And then when Korn asked me to play with them, I was just going to watch at the soundboard.

"I wanted to see Korn from an audience perspective. And then they asked me to be on stage five minutes before. I was standing on the stage by where I used to play, like by the speaker, thinking how crazy this was. Then after I played the song with them, people were just bawling. It was a wave of emotion. But that's what reconciliation does, you know? With all the crap we went through it was like a happy ending. Even in a bad big evil band like Korn there are happy endings!" [laughs]

Naturally, we knew there was a distinct possibility that Head would be re-joining Korn, even with his band Love and Death. And with those types of emotions under their reunion, I was thinking that whatever album the band wrote together after all this time would be groundbreaking. Earth-shattering. Fucking annihilating. Especially since they band now has their original two-guitar sound again that shaped their early multi-platinum albums once again.

"I came here just wanting to do the old Korn vibe, but with a new twist," Welch told Rolling Stone recently.

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this song sucks, korn is NOT KORN without David. 


I'm not a Korn fan, but I dig this song. Perhaps I am a freak?   www.prehabmusic.com

Joseph Eppley
Joseph Eppley

i guess I;m in the minority I really dig this song and I didn't care for their last 2 albums .this is coming from a diehard fan

Chuck Klee
Chuck Klee

I really enjoyed the Path of Totality album, but this new song sucks.

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