Photos from Hollywood Alley's Final Night (1988-2013)

Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
After 25 years of slinging drinks, trashy fun, and rock 'n' fucking roll, the party is finally over at Hollywood Alley in Mesa. All the beer and booze has been exhausted, the last song has echoed through its cavernous sticker-covered interior, and the last pizza has been served.

We dropped by the rock dive on Friday evening to get one more fleeting glimpse of the place, pay our respects, and maybe get in one last round. And while it was a completely opposite scene from the spirited three-night blowout the prior weekend, it still had its moments.

The bar was down to just canned beer and a small supply of liquor by the time we arrived, which was quickly being enjoyed by the two dozen or so people that were there for the Alley's final hours.

There were a few regulars and a few local musicians on hand, as a few more memories were on tap and people swapped stories and joked around while gathered in one of the place's many booths or at the bar. Some people who were partaking of canned brews left their empties huddled together on a few different tables as small memorials of sorts.


The staff told me that they'd keep thing going as long as the booze lasted, which, based on how people were pounding drinks, meant that it probably wasn't going to be a long night. At the same time, it seemed sort of jarring when a bartender hollered out "Last call!" at around 11:15 p.m. And less than 30 minutes later, they started herding out whoever was left and locked the front door.

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Hollywood Alley - CLOSED

2610 W. Baseline Road, Mesa, AZ

Category: Music

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JM Hearns
JM Hearns

I'm gonna miss that place for sure. I saw a lot great bands there.

Kevin Moyers
Kevin Moyers

If they served cold PBR on purpose, good riddance. Rhino piss is better.

Albert Golding
Albert Golding

The end of a great era! The best place to get the Coldest PBR!

hurricaneric moderator

@RexR We didn't take it down. It was broken for some reason, but we fixed it. Thanks for the heads up.

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