The Five Greatest Hip-Hop Clean Versions of All Time

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There's a reason Arrested Development's fourth season came fully-bleeped despite being on Netflix, and it's the same reason some people prefer their Die Hard replays on basic cable and their "Gold Digger" MP3s ripped from a Wal-Mart version of Late Registration. Sometimes the censored version is just better, or at least just funnier.

And, as our colleagues at Riverfront Times noted, sometimes you just need something that you can listen to with children that doesn't drive you to commit murder. Try these perfunctorily cleaned-up versions of not-even-a-little-clean hip hop classics.

By Chaz Kangas

5. Xzibit - "Paparazzi"

Yo dawg, we heard you like Xzibit. Years before he was hosting "Pimp My Ride" or starring alongside Nicolas Cage, Mr. X-to-the-Z was making some classic west-coast hip-hop. His breakout single "Paparazzi" is a masterpiece without a doubt, but the clean version sounds like it was possibly recorded weeks after the original when Xzibit had an even stronger mastery of his flow, making for an even smoother slice at rappers only in the game for the money and the fame.

4. Ying Yang Twins - "Wait (The Whisper Song)"

Hey, how you doing little momma let me whisper in your ear, tell you something that you might like to hear that contains no foul language. The unedited version of "Wait (The Whisper Song)" is so absurdly filthy, even by Ying Yang Twins standards, that there's actually two clean edits of the song, one with sound effects and this squeaky-clean one with the lyrics almost completely rewritten and re-performed. The sinister purring here of members Kaine and D-Roc suggests innuendo so vague ("Wait till I show you this") that it almost sounds dirtier than the original.

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Tricia Bogumill
Tricia Bogumill

How did Big Pun's "Not a Player" get left out?! "I'm not a player, I just crush a lot" is ADORABLE and cleans up the whole idea of the song rather than just the word usage. Still a good list though.

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