Genre, Now Two Guys and a Laptop, Gears Up For Its First Show In Two Years Tonight

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Taking two years off from live shows is a pretty ballsy move, but local synth rockers Genre took the time off to reinvent themselves. The band shrunk from a four piece to two guys (Zac Markey, guitars/vocals and Corey Gomez, keyboards and vocals) and a keyboard. Both musicians agree that halving the number of people in Genre has streamlined the band's songwriting process.

Genre makes its grand return at Rogue Bar tonight, armed with a few new songs and retooled versions of old songs. Check out how Genre intends to sound like Prince after the jump.

Why did you guys take a couple years off?
Corey Gomez: We were on a rise, we were going pretty good like two years ago playing a lot, like all the time, slowly making these songs that were more us and then...

Zac Markey: There was too many people, there was four of us. It was hard to communicate with 3 other people. So, I just think that it was going the way that some of us thought it would, but it wasn't going the way that everyone thought it would, so those people left and now it's just Corey and I.

When you perform live, is it just you two, or do you bring additional musicians in?
ZM: It's just us, and then we have this guy [points to computer].

What did you guys do during your break?
CG: The goal was always to play again without a drummer, basically. We wanted to play music still without a drummer. We thought it could be done, we thought we knew enough about all the computer stuff (Ableton) to make it sound still rockin'. We never really stopped over those two years, and then it came to recently when we were like, "What are we doing? We've stopped for way too long now, let's just make ourselves do this now."

It did help a lot just to have two of us because now we're really streamlined and we can make up a song in a day now, instead of over the span of several practices.

We're doing some old songs, but also new songs. That helped us a lot too to start again. It's just us two, now what are we going to do? We have those old songs, let's start there and they sound different and I think not as busy in a good way, just more focused.



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