FYF Fest Day Two: My Bloody Valentine, MGMT, Baroness, and More (PHOTOS)

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All photos by Melissa Fossum
FYF Fest, Day Two

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Los Angeles State Historic Park

The 10th annual FYF Fest ended with My Bloody Valentine blowing out a monitor. While it was disappointing to hear the seminal shoegaze band's wall of sound come and go, it seemed like an appropriate ending to an epic weekend full of legendary bands making comebacks.

Before My Bloody Valentine performed, screens on the sides of the stage encouraged fans to pick up complimentary pairs of earplugs. It was not an idle warning: My Bloody Valentine was the loudest band I heard perform at the main stage all weekend, though a friend insists that The Melvins were louder.

Shortly after the band's eagerly awaited m b v was released this year, I recall reading that after blowing out a few amps and multiple bouts of tinnitus, My Bloody Valentine was never quite able to fully re-create the Loveless tones in concert. Most of last night's songs sounded a little different, notably "Only Shallow," but the variances in guitar tones kept things interesting. Bilinda Butcher's voice still sounds the same and Kevin Shields still creates the swirling guitar sounds by using countless effects pedals.

My Bloody Valentine FYF Fest
Melissa Fossum
The band performed quite a few Loveless tracks, with "When You Sleep" being an early stand out track. m b v's "New You" followed, once again showing off the band's digital effect skills. Even though m b v was released over two decades after Loveless, the band's old and new material meshed together seamlessly.

The only issue with the set was the sound. Everything but the drums and vocals would occasionally cut out, which is a bummer during songs like "Only Shallow."

Given the technical difficulties, Solange would have otherwise been a great ending to the festival.

It's difficult not to compare Solange to her older sister, Beyonce. The siblings look and sound alike, and most of all, both have one hell of a stage presence. Solange's sound has much more of an R&B rooting with a retro vibe.

She encouraged fans to start a grind session, which was itself hilarious to watch thanks to plenty of folks who clearly lacked rhythm. Later on she told fans to put their cell phones down and enjoy the show since it was such a nice night, and they obliged.

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