5 Reasons to Vote for Fayuca's "Por Que Seguir" in MTVu's The Freshmen

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Fayuca: Bringing back luchador masks, one music video at a time
You'd never know Fayuca's video for "Por Que Seguir" wasn't produced on a big-budget national scale. The local Latin rock band's clip, featuring dozens of extras and a perfectly rendered digital urban factory setting, is so impressive, it's currently competing for a spot for heavy rotation on MTVu, in its contest for the video program The Freshmen.

The show features five brand-spanking-new artists each week -- learn more about it here. You can vote as many times as you'd like for the video up until 2 p.m. EST Friday, August 9. (Hint, hint.) "We urge everyone to vote and get Fayuca on MTV's regular rotation so that it reaches the brainwashed and forces our youth to think," Fayuca singer/guitarist Gabriel Solorzano says. Vote here, and keep reading for five reasons you should click for Fayuca.

1. It inspires viewers to stand up to the man. The premise of the video is people uniting against an evil tyrant, joining together while Fayuca plays the revolution song.

One of Solorzano's favorite parts of the stylishly slick video is its message to think for yourself. "'Por Que Seguir' is the everyday, blue collar worker's anthem," Solorzano says. "The video and lyrics are compelling, as it challenges us to question progress and who is really pulling the strings. This is one of those songs written with passion and a purpose."

2. This is a way to get an Arizona band recognized nationally. It's always awesome to see local bands get national recognition, and if Fayuca wins this contest, their video will be played all over the MTVu channel. Since many artists who are featured on MTVu -- think fun. or Kendrick Lamar -- eventually blow up on the main channel and beyond, this could be a really big step for Fayuca's career.

3. Luchador masks are awesome. And this video has a ton of them.

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