Smiths' Lyrics Plus Charlie Brown Equals One Beautiful, Wishy Washy Tumblr

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I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure Charles M. Schulz didn't listen to much of The Smiths. If he had, I wonder if he would have found as many parallels between Charlie Brown's deep-seated melancholy and Morrissey's painful, angst-ridden lyrics as the proprietor of the This Charming Charlie Tumblr has.

Replacing speech balloons with The Smiths lyrics, Peanuts is now painted as a depressing spiral into self-indulgent pretension. Oh, it's as beautiful as it sounds.

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It helps us imagine a fantastic alternative future where Charlie grows up to be a shallow, vindictive prick as a coping mechanism for his low self-esteem. After all, his parents are obviously absent and his friends, once they entered middle school, would likely tire of Charlie's constant pity party. How would he channel this isolation? He'd start a band, naturally.

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Even Snoopy rolls his eyes.

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